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How to Purchase the Best Qurbani Cattle

01Choose your Qurbani

Select your Qurbani sacrifice from our extensive and incredible collection of cattle this Eid-Ul-Azha. All our cattle are organically fed and naturally grown (No steroids or artificial hormones) to produce the safest and best quality meat.

02Pay at shop or online

Visit any of our designated Gourmet Butcher Shop to make your payment for your selection of cattle and the service (full service or live cattle). You can find our payment points here.

You can also make your payment online by using our safe online payment gateway. You will have to register to use this option.

03Get delivered at your doorstep

Thank you for your payment. Your cattle will be delivered at your chosen destination (live or processed as mentioned) with proper health certificate from certified veterinarian; thus ensuring your celebration of a safe and clean Qurbani Eid.

Healthy, right aged, naturally grown & best quality!

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What makes our cattle great!

Farming Practices

The crucial aspect to great quality meat is in the nurturing of the livestock, we at Bengal Meat practice all natural processes in upbringing of the cattle, its food habit and habitat. This allows the cattle to grow up in freedom & comfort, they eat & drink to their desire, periodically being checked for any diseases and always in clean environment. Making the cattle stress free which produces the best quality meat.

Naturally Grown

Our cattle are fed organic feed grown at our own farm without any kind of steroids or growth hormones. Artificial chemicals may make the cattle gain mass quicker but it is harmful to the cattle and is also not Halal or Safe to consume. Our natural feed practices ensure our cattle grow right!

Healthy & Disease-free

Our cattle are routinely health-checked and certified by veterinarians. They are vaccinated against Anthrax, FMD and other diseases and are also anti-biotic free. We inspect their blood and stool to make sure that no diseased cattle gets past our best practices so that only the healthy and safe reach you.

Words from our happy customers!

Sayed Akthar Hasan Uddin(Ellis)

Qurbani Eid - once a traditional occasional with people flocking back to their villages to buy and distribute sacrificial animals is very different to what it was. People no longer have the strong links with their villages. Old caretakers who used to look after our requirements are no longer as active and able and sometimes no longer alive. Even if we use to carry out the Qurbani sacrifice in the cities the cramped living conditions doesn't allow us to safely nor hygienically. Another reason is that with busy lifestyles and Eid holidays are a good opportunity to get away and relax but because of Qurbani obligations we can not. This is why the Bengal Qurbani Service was such a godsend for us. We have been using the service for the past 5 years and even my mother who was skeptical about outsourcing such an important religious obligation is completely won over. For those of you who still want to view the sacrificial animal in the flesh and on the farm can do so - and honestly in the early years we did do so. However we are now very comfortable in buying the animal on-line and if we have any queries we can call up the Bengal staff who are able to answer all details of the animal. This is digital shopping at its best - buying the animal with a click of the mouse (or swipe of the screen) and transferring the money digitally too. No muddy fields to visit, no smelly animals and dung to step in and no danger of being harmed by a charging bull! Having seen the Bengal abattoir, I am also assured the animal is scarified in the most Islamic manner by trained scholars who will ensure all rites are taken care of. The distribution of the meat to the needy can be handled by Bengal too or if you wish to do this yourself you can request Bengal to box it up and deliver to your door in labelled cartons separating offal and choice cuts as required. The meat can be at your residence within 24 hours and allows you to enjoy the Eid day with your family while Bengal take care of al the stressful Qurbani business. My family will no longer go back to sacrificing without Bengal as they are as much a part of our Qurbani Eid as other members of the family. Bengal Qurbani Service is the best way to celebrate Qurbani Eid!

Justice Fetema Najib


"We sacrificed a Cow as Qurbani with Bengal Meat for the first time last year; and I must say that me and my family were highly satisfied. Their process of conduct, due diligence and hygiene condition impressed me. Furthermore the cows offered by them and their service is reasonably priced. I look forward to utilize their Qurbani service in the future."

Mr. Jawar Ali (UK)

Director of Essex Cricket Board

My qurbani cow was purchased from Bengal Meat. The cow was as described and arrived two days before Eid. This is a great stress free way to select your qurbani cow from home. Digital Bangladesh is the way forward with Bengal Meat as the most professional butchers in Bangladesh.

Dr. MYAMollah

Retd Prof Chemistry University of Dhaka

Last year we arranged Kurbani with Bengal Meat Co. Ltd. We found the service unique and convenient on a number of counts. You don’t need to worry about purchasing the cows ( quite a job indeed), you can select your cow from the list provided on Bengal meat web site and even place an order on-line, finding an efficient butcher to process the sacrificed cow, disposing of the wastes and finally cleaning your front/backyard. The meat was professionally and efficiently processed as per your suggestions, packed well and delivered at our door step as per schedule. Inshallah, we will continue with the services provided by Bengal Meat .

Professor DR. MD. Toufiqur Rahman


I ordered a live cattle for Qurbani in 2017. It certainly reduced the hassle of physically buying a cattle. Bengal meat's website made the entire process very easy. The main reason I chose to order from here is to ensure that I get a safe, healthy and good quality cattle.

Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman

Group Brand Manager, BAT Bangladesh

Once you experience Bengal Meat Qurbani experience, it will not be possible to go back to the legacy approach. I have bought cattle from them consecutively for last two qurbanis. And on both occasions the experience has been exceptionally good. Their cattle are value for money and the online purchase experience through the web portal is very smooth. Few more people among my friends and peers have taken their service and they are equally satisfied. I wish Bengal Meal all the best and looking forward to experience the same this year.